Our primary aim in the Sixth Form Centre, as elsewhere in the school, is to maximise achievement for all.

We seek to provide a happy and caring environment in which students can develop into mature, fulfilled and enriched young adults who are given a wide variety of opportunities and experiences in lessons, tutorial work, in extra curricular activities and in work within the wider community.

Students are supported throughout their learning by dedicated teachers who will help them to reach their full potential. To ensure this we seek students’ total commitment to becoming active, engaged sixth formers prepared to work hard, be involved in the wider aspects of Sixth Form life, and to use their time sensibly and well.

We wish to see our students developing self confidence, initiative, self discipline, and care and concern for others.

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I am grateful for all the help and support I have received from my teachers throughout my time at NSB.  I am now really looking forward to university - Year 13 leaver

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